Company Profile

All Purpose Security, LLC is a full service company established to provide the finest in Security Services to the businesses and citizens of Las Vegas, NV. We strive to provide the most effective security for commercial and residential properties. We also provide process service and private investigations. We have over 30 years invested between Nevada and New York. Our common goal is to provide safe and efficient security. All Purpose Security, LLC has provide executive protection for high profile clients. We provide armed and unarmed security.

We have the capability to provide you with Standing Guards, Vehicle Patrol, or Foot Patrol to handle any unique security requirements. Our nightly patrols enforce parking regulations (illegal parking/unauthorized vehicles/towing, if required) based on your CC&R’S as well as check for vandalism, fire, lights out, property damage, disturbances, unauthorized persons or irregularities of any kind. As part of our nightly patrols, parking regulations will be enforced at no extra charge.

We will attend any board or company meeting to answer any questions in regards to services we provide. We will also attend, to assist you in providing security services that are required for your premises.

All Purpose Security, LLC will provide all required documents, i.e.: general liability, workers compensation, with Certificates of Insurance as required by clients.

All Purpose Security, LLC will incorporate the following procedures according to your needs.